integrated green housing

The assignment

Integrated greenhousing_The Problem_Enge

The assignment was to design refugee housing in the Netherlands. This housing should be energy neutral and should also be cheap, easily and quickly build up and demountable.

The design question

How to make a refugee house a home, that is also energy neutral, cheap and quick to build?

Architect Delft | Vluchtelingen woninge| Dinges Design |

The problem

The problem with creating, cheap and quick housing is that most of the time, the houses lose character which makes the inhabitants feel like a number. A house is not the same as a home. A home is personal and full of character. To make the refugees feel at home, personality should be brought into the houses.

Integrated greenhousing_The Design Quest
Architect Delft | Vluchtelingen woninge| Dinges Design |

The concept

In order to make this house a home two main things are important; that the house has a personality and also that the inhabitants feel that they are becoming part of the community. Having work gives them purpose and will make them feel at home more. This is why the concept of this design is to incorporate work within the housing complex, as well as a public platform that can aid integration in society

The context

These refugee houses had to be designed to be placed anywhere in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a country which is struggeling with the amount of refugees coming in. This causes a lot of tensions between the Dutch inhabitants and the refugees. Integration doesn’t always go well.

Integrated greenhousing_The Concept_Enge

The design

To create houses where the refugees can truly feel at home, the houses will have the possibility to be personalised. These personalised houses will be part of a large green house that provides work and energy efficiency. At a public market the crops can be sold. This will also stimulate interaction between refugees and the dutch citizens.

by nienke borgman

architecture & design studre