Sphinx factory

the assignment

The redesign of the dilapidated building of the former Sphinx factory in Maasticht into an architecture academy and exposition space.

the problem

The existing building had a very closed and uninviting facade. This does not correspond well with the future use as a creative study hub. The interior of the building however is very unique due to its beautiful construction. The building was built in multiple stages which all used their own unique construction method. One of those structures for example was the first use of reinfoced concrete in the Netherlands.

the design question

How to let the existing beauty of the building shine, whilst also creating a inspiring place for architecture students?

the context

The Sphinx area predominantly exists of straight buildings with straight lines and grids. This is a juxtaposition to what is found in the city centre of Maastricht.

the concept

Expose the current beauty of the building by removing the facade. This also creates a inviting and inspiring building for the students and art expositions,

the design

The basis of the design is the removal of the facade and the replacement of the old facade with a new glass facade. The lower part of the facade will remain open to create a open exposition space. Here work of the architecture students can be displayed or the students can be inspired by the work of other artists.

by nienke borgman

architecture & design studre