The connection

The assignment

Create a new design for the current Dutch 'Kunsthal' museum in Rotterdam.

the problem

the design question

How can the design of the new Kunsthal form a connection between the parks, the people and the museum?

The Kunsthal is currently located in a park. Nearby, is another park that is connected to the river Maas. This could potentially be a green continuous walking route. Unfortunately a busy road is separating these two parks.

the context

The new Kunsthal will be situated within a park, next to a big hospital and a busy road. On the other side of the road is another park.

the concept

The concept is to create a building that consists of two arms that form a symbolic connection, as two arms embracing. One of these arms is partially formed by a bridge that forms a litteral connection to the park at the other side of the road.

the design

The design is made up out of two arms embracing each other and that form a bridge over the street to connect the parks. Through, over en within these arms a public walking route is formed that create a continuous walking route between the two parks. By incorporating water and natural materials , the park and the museum are also connected.

by nienke borgman

architecture & design studre