Space matter continuum

The assignment

Make a set of 1x1x3 m. around Harry Bertoia's 'Diamond chair' for an exposition of the chair collection of the TU Delft

Architect Delft | Diamond chair | Harry Bertoia | Dinges Design |

De context

This set was exhibited in the Museum Prinsenhof in the city centre of Delft.

Architect Delft | Diamond chair | Harry Bertoia | Dinges Design |

Het concept

The concept is based on Harry Bertoia's philosophy. Two of his quotes formed the basis for the concept.


"When we can see through, we are able to let our eyes play within the spaces, around and between the metallic elements”  

"One prevailing characteristic of sculpture is the interplay of void and matter, the void being of equal value to the component material units" 

A grid of open and closed parts create a play with matter and void. The mirrors on the inside of the grid create the illusion of an infinite space where void and matter become one. In the midst of this hangs the diamond chair, floating in a space matter continuum. 

by nienke borgman

architecture & design studre